Center for Addiction Medicine

Megan Cooke, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

Dr. Megan Cooke is broadly interested in how an individual’s genes, brain, and environment come together to shape their trajectory from substance initiation to substance dependence. She graduated with a BS in Psychology from Furman University in 2008. She received her PhD in Clinical and Translational Science with a concentration in Psychiatric, Behavioral, and Statistical Genetics from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her dissertation, which was funded by a NIAAA National Research Service Award, focused on identifying genetic and neural differences in phenotypic subtypes of binge drinkers. She joined CAM in 2019 as a Research Fellow after completing a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at Duke University. She is currently funded through a Louis V. Gerstner III Research Scholar Award and enjoys working closely with Drs. Schuster, Gilman, and Evins on integrating genetics into their clinical research.