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CAM Medical Marijuana Study Receives Widespread News Coverage

CAM Director of Neuroscience Dr. Jodi Gilman’s medical marijuana study, which was published in JAMA Network Open, has received news coverage in 43 different outlets, ranging from the Boston Herald to U.S. News. The study found that acquisition of a medical marijuana card increased the incidence and severity of cannabis use disorder (CUD) and resulted in no significant…MORE

Events for 2016’s National Recovery Month focus on raising awareness

National Recovery Month panel of events

This September, Massachusetts General Hospital, led by the Substance Use Disorders Initiative, will mark National Recovery Month by hosting a slate of educational events to raise awareness of prevention, treatment and recovery support services. The 2016 theme—Join the Voices for Recovery: Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery!—highlights the importance of families, communities, and individuals sharing…MORE

Can benefits of brief interventions to curb drinking in primary care be extended to the pharmacy?

What problem does this study address? Dozens of randomized controlled trials suggest that brief interventions (30 minutes or less) delivered in primary health care settings can reduce drinking by 1 to 3 drinks per week, on average, and may also reduce the incidence of risky or problematic drinking (see here). The pharmacy is another potential…MORE