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NIH Bestows Award on CAM Neuroscientist for Study on Medical Marijuana

Young man smoking pot

Dr. Jodi Gilman received a 5-year R01 award from the National Institute of Health for a study entitled “Medical Marijuana, Neurocognition and Subsequent Substance Use” to evaluate how use of medical marijuana affects symptoms of pain or affective disorders, cognitive function, and brain-based correlates of behavior.

Medical marijuana (MM) policies are changing rapidly, and it is likely that individuals who either have not used marijuana in the past, or who use marijuana occasionally for recreational purposes, will start to use marijuana medically the first time. This study will use a randomized controlled design to test whether patients who receive MM cards, compared to a waitlist control group, experience adverse health outcomes such as new-onset symptoms of cannabis use disorders, neurocognitive impairments, and brain-based changes. The resulting data will inform clinicians, scientists, and policy-makers about potential unforeseen effects of policy changes that increase access to MM.

Inquiries about the study, including how to participate, can be directed to Dr. Gilman at 617-643-729 or