Center for Addiction Medicine

Enhanced Treatment for Binge Drinking Depressed College Students

This is the first randomized controlled study on the effectiveness of a treatment combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Brief Motivational Intervention (CBT+BMI) for college students with depressive symptoms who binge drink. Given the severe consequences associated with binge drinking and depressive symptoms in college students identifying an effective treatment for this population has critical public health significance. The Treatment for Excessive Alcohol Use and Depression in Students (TREADS) study lasts approximately 12 weeks. As part of the study participants complete a baseline visits and then are randomized, by chance, like the flip of a coin, to one of two therapy programs. Both courses include eight therapy visits and teach coping skills for depressive symptoms. However, in one therapy program participants receive a personalized feedback about their alcohol use, while in the other program they may or may not talk about alcohol consumption depending on the students’ preference. Both courses teach the same coping skills for depressive symptoms but include different levels of focus on alcohol. Participants complete one follow-up assessment visit at the end of the therapy program and one four weeks later. The three assessment visits are reimbursed.

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