Center for Addiction Medicine

CAM Intern Receives Multiple Harvard Fellowship Awards

The Harvard University Mind, Brain, Behavior Interfaculty Initiative recently selected Audrey Mustoe, a CAM intern and undergraduate student at Harvard University, as a Mary Gordon Roberts 2019 Summer Research Fellow. The award is given to several Harvard University undergraduates each year to support research that will contribute to students’ senior honors theses.

Audrey also recently received the Deland Award through the Harvard College Research Program (HCRP), which funds research for students working with Harvard-affiliated faculty.

Both of these awards will contribute to Audrey’s involvement in a CAM study assessing the cognitive effects of marijuana use and abstinence in adolescents. The project, known as ARCHES, is run by Dr. Randi Schuster, CAM Director of Neuropsychology and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School.