Center for Addiction Medicine

Substance Use Disorders: A Comprehensive Review and Update

We invite you to join us at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn or Virtually February 19-21, 2024

Substance use disorders are complex and have a huge impact on patients, families and communities. They challenge even experienced health care professionals to stay current with evolving guidelines and they are seen and treated across all professions, disciplines and practice settings including primary care, psychiatry, social work, psychology, family practice, nursing and more.

That’s why our agenda focuses on a broad update across the spectrum of substance use disorders. Sessions cover everything from neuroscience and developmental perspectives all the way through recovery-oriented systems of care. Our faculty share their experience as both clinical caregivers and research experts. They make time to answer questions and help you find solutions for complex conditions.

This conference lets you engage dozens of renowned clinician-researchers, get your clinical questions answered, and translate enhanced knowledge into optimal patient care.

Here are some of the ways that participants plan to change their clinical practice as a result of attending this conference:

  • Describe the best practices for treatment of substance use disorders.
  • Discuss how to properly screen and diagnose substance use disorders.
  • List rational, evidence based pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies for patients with substance use disorders.
  • Assess relative utility and strengths of recovery oriented models of care.
  • Assess and treat patients with co-morbid substance use, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD, pain, and infectious diseases.
  • Discuss how to manage complicated withdrawal.
  • Utilize motivational interviewing, CBT and contingency management techniques when working with patients suffering from substance use disorders.

Conference Information

Name: Substance Use Disorders: A Comprehensive Review and Update 2024


Date: February 19, 2023 to February 21, 2024
Location: Disney’s BoardWalk Inn or Virtually
Proudly Directed By: Laura G. Kehoe, MD, MPH, FASAM, John F. Kelly, PhD, David H. Rubin, MD, Timothy E. Wilens, MD