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Since its formation in 2005, the center has employed psychiatrists, neuroscientists, psychologists, neuropsychologists and computer scientists who have conducted clinical and translational research that have resulted in new treatments for addictive disorders and extended the application of existing treatments, as well as major work to reduce the stigma of addictive disorders.

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CAM’s Director of Neuropsychology Receives NIH Award for New Study on Cannabis and Adolescents

Dr. Randi Schuster received a 5-year K23 career development award from the National Institute of Health for a study e…MORE

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NIH Bestows Award on CAM Neuroscientist for Study on Medical Marijuana

Dr. Jodi Gilman received a 5-year R01 award from the National Institute of Health for a study entitled “Medical Marijuana, Neurocognition and…MORE

CAM director Edin Evins receives grant for program that integrates diabetes management with psychiatric care.

Grant Awarded to CAM Director

The Executive Committee on Community Health at the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement has awarded CAM Director Eden Evins a grant to support her program that integrates a diab…MORE