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CAM Neuropsych Director Wins Annual Best Paper Award

Randi Schuster, Ph.D. received the fifth annual Best Paper distinction in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry from the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology (ASCP) for her report on the effects of cannabis abstinence in adolescents and young adults. The paper, entitled “One Month of Cannabis Abstinence in Adolescents and Young Adults is Associated with Improved Memory,” found…MORE

Randi Schuster Named 2019 Claflin Distinguished Scholar

Randi Schuster

In celebration and recognition of female faculty with child-rearing responsibilities, the MGH Executive Research Committee (ECOR) selected Randi Schuster, Ph.D., as a 2019 Claflin Distinguished Scholar, making her the first recipient of the distinction in the Center’s history. The award will fund Dr. Schuster’s pilot study “Effect of Six-Months of Cannabis Abstinence on Cognition, Academic, and…MORE

Most Popular Video: Marijuana on the Teenage Brain with CAM Director of Neuroscience

The Center for Addiction Medicine’s Director of Neuroscience, Jodi Gilman, Ph.D., is featured on the MGH Advances in Motion. The video shows Gilman discussing the Center’s research on the effect of cannabis on the adolescent brain. Watch more below!   Update: Dr. Gilman’s interview is officially the MOST popular video on Advances in Motion with over…MORE

In Case You Missed It: Study Spotlight

With the recent legislative approval of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, Dr. Jodi Gilman’s 2014 study documenting the disruption of neural organization in young adult recreational marijuana users continues the discussion on the drug’s cognitive effects. Through gray matter analyses of fMRI scans of recreational, nondependent marijuana users and nonusers, Gilman et al. found quantitative differences in…MORE

Second Year of Funding Awarded to CAM Director

For the second year, the Executive Committee on Community Health at the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement has awarded CAM Director Eden Evins a grant to support her program that integrates a diabetes management curriculum into ongoing psychiatric care for those with serious mental illness in the community.

Boston Globe: Drs. Evins and Gilman Speak at HUBWeek

The Boston Globe reports on CAM Founding Director Dr. Eden Evins’s and Director of Neuroscience Dr. Jodi Gilman’s talks at a HUBWeek panel on the legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts. 5 takeaways from the HUBweek forum on health, wellness, and medicine. From health care policy to marijuana, here’s what we learned. Read more here:   Talk to…MORE

CAM in the News: NPR, Guardian, Harvard Gazette Cover Cannabis Abstinence Study

Recent findings from Dr. Randi Schuster’s study (published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry on 10/30/18) suggest that young people’s ability to learn improves with 30 days of cannabis abstinence. Over 30 media outlets – both local and international – have highlighted the study’s findings. A few of these press mentions are listed below.    …MORE

Grand Rounds at the Center for Addiction Medicine

Friday, April 12, we will host Ms. Jennifer Miles, who will present her talk entitled “Do recovery residences make a difference? Current evidence and future directions” for CAM Grand Rounds. Lunch will be served at 12:30 p.m., and Ms. Miles will begin her talk promptly at 1:00 p.m. Meeting will be held in the CAM conference room…MORE

CAM fNIRS Study in The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe publishes Breathalyzers and brain caps: Researchers race to devise a roadside test for driving while high on CAM study “Using Imaging to Assess Effects of THC on Brain Activity.”

Call for Applications: K12 Grant

John Kelly and Eden Evins at the Center for Addiction Medicine

MGH Career Development Program in Substance Use and Addiction Medicine Call for Applications Please visit our website to learn more and apply:   We are pleased to announce a new K12 Career Development Program in Substance Use and Addiction Medicine based at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and funded by the National Institute on…MORE